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My love of flowers stems from when I was a little girl, sitting quietly in my auntie's back garden, listening to the birds singing and the bees buzzing around me, and loving the beauty of nature.

I have aways loved art and all things creative. I studied Art and Photography, but couldn't quite find the right niche where I felt as if I was doing the job for me, a job I loved. That is until I remembered what had made me happy as a child.

So I returned to college and studied Floristry for 3 years. At the same time I ran my own flower shop in Manchester. And had a baby. During this time, I received much appreciated support from the Prince's Trust (and my mum).


Then, five years later an amazing opportunity presented itself. I jumped at the chance to have a complete change of life, and was lucky enough to move to the south of France.

After having another 2 children and restoring a crumbly farmhouse, I felt it was time to embark upon a new adventure, and that's when AmySpace was created.

It was through planning my own wedding, that I learnt just how much research and preparation is involved. Alot! I also realised how important it is that the final results reflects the amount of hard work that goes into organising such a special day.

My style is natural, with an emphasis on homegrown, seasonal and scented flowers. I like to keep up-to-date with trends and fashions.

Why AmySpace? Within my farmhouse home there is a large undeveloped area, just right for all manner of creative activities. At the moment it is used for flower workshops, but in time the possibilities are endless.

There is also an extensive, covered terrace - also excellent for collectively making, fashioning and constructing.

Friends and fellow professionals

I am lucky to work within a network of fabulous fellow professionals - who either support and work with me in the planning of wedding flowers, or who I come into contact with during the wedding preparations.

Pattie Fellowes
Photography & Filming
promotional & wedding videos
Deb Stewart
wedding beautician
Castelnau des Fieumarcon
entire wedding township
Anneli Faiers
Private caterer
Matthew Weinreb
wedding photographer
Sue Knight
talented artist and illustrator
Patricia O'Reilly
wedding planners
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Deb Stewart

wedding beautician

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