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The Making of a Giant Floral Ring : Part 1

I do enjoy a challenge, especially when flowers are involved, and will happily jump through hoops, if that's what the bride (and groom) wish for.

In this case, the hoop was real, and had to be designed and constructed from scratch. Here is the account of its creation.

How to make a Giant Floral Ring: something fabulous and original, as a backdrop for a country-style outdoor wedding ceremony...

Take a length of piping, stacks of hazel and twisted willow, generous quantities of fresh foliage and white blooms, then mix with plenty of ingenuity, engineering skills, persistence and hard work.

I was presented with such a challenge for a wedding to be held in the grounds of a chateau in the south-west of France. "Amy, please can we have a giant ring, measuring around 8 feet, bedecked with flowers (nothing too big, nor colourful) interwoven with fresh greenery", requested Charlotte.

'Why, of course', was the immediate response.

Admittedly, this was something of a first for me - but confident that I could do it, set about the design. Attempt #1 was done using just the woody stems themselves. But this structure was in need of reinforcement.

So Attempt #2 was built around a circle of strong piping.

The hazel and willow were then worked around this piping skeleton.

In order for the ring to sit properly, the base was weighted down, and a stand constructed. This involved chicken wire and a pallet.

So, that's the basic structure successfully put together. The final touches will have to wait until the Big Day.

To be continued...

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